Welcome to Bowfishing Unlimited

The experienced airboat captains of Bowfishing Unlimited in Port Sulphur, LA offer exciting nighttime bowfishing charters in Port Sulphur Marsh for those who want to experience a unique thrill. If you enjoy any aspect of the outdoors, then you have come to the right place to experience the night of a lifetime! Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or have no experience at all, bowfishing is something all ages will love. It combines the best of both hunting and fishing – by merging the skill of archery with the thrill of fishing, while providing non-stop, heart-pounding action!.

We have even hosted New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his teammates. We can give your group the same fun and exciting adventure that our own Black and Gold experienced.

Guaranteed to Go Home Smelling Like Fish!

We use a compound bow with specially designed reels and line. The fish are shot with the arrow and then reeled in. Simply put, bowfishing is fishing with a bow and arrow. The evening begins with a breathtaking airboat ride through the Louisiana marsh, which will captivate the heart of any nature lover and is in itself an experience to remember.

As night befalls and we stop the boat to turn on the halogen deck lights, the mystique of the marsh comes alive. Fish appear everywhere in the surrounding waters, and the fun begins. We will give you a quick lesson on the techniques used to shoot accurately, and then the action begins! The deckhand will hand you your drinks, clear your line, and anything else you may need so you can focus your attention on fishing. Bowfishing brings fishing to a whole new level, as the fisherman is now more involved, rather than quietly waiting for a fish to bite.

Catch Fish!

A fishing trip with us is an unforgettable experience and a chance to catch tons of fish.

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